This resin technique can be applied to wooden or plastic table tops as well. The tables below are example of how the finished product looks. Give any old table or bargain buy tables a new look.  The top has to be a solid surface with a lip that hangs over the edge. The lip is needed to allow the resin to flow off the table top as it settles while it is curing. The tops are durable like a bar top when the resin dries. They can be cleaned like any cabinet top can. 

Faculty Table Top
This is a table with a plastic top that was being used in a faculty lounge. The table clothe kept getting dirty, so, the top was marbled with this resin technique using the colors in the decor. Now when the table gets dirty it can just be wiped off.
Red Marbled Coffee Table Top
This top uses primarily reds, blues and golds to create this look.
Red Marbled Coffee table
This is a side view of the red marbled top. This table is hand made.
Orange Marbled Coffee Table Top
This top is marbled with primarily orange, green and gold colors. It is hand made and is durable enough to use as a bench. It is 49.5 inches in length, 25.5 inches in width and 17.5 inches in height.
Orange Marble Coffee Table
This is a side view of the orange marble top coffee table.
FFA Silent Auction Tables
These are two coffee tables that were donated to and FFA silent auction event. You could tell they had seen better days, but after this technique was applied they looked brand new.
White Marble Top End Tables
Top view.
These were two bargain buy end tables that had a new top applied to them. It looks like real marble and the tops are more durable than they were before.
White Marble Top End Tables: side vi
This is a side view of the bargain buy end tables after the top was refinished.
My Kitchen Table Top
I have never done a table top with sections. Our Kitchen table top had seen better days, so, I decided to use it as an experiment. I glued all the sections together and did my resin technique on top. It turned out great. This is what a close up of the table top looks like.
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