I have had several people like a resin painting , but have wanted it a different size or have wanted me to add another color. I am happy to make you your very own piece. I have also had requests for other types of artwork other than resin paintings as in the paintings of the deer and dog. I welcome the challenge to meet your specific needs.

Indian Summer
Triptych Acrylic painting with colored Resin poured into different sections.
Indian Summer
A close up of one of the panels, so, the texture can be seen.
UT vs OU
This painting was to represent UT and OU colliding into a river like battle, with UT winning. (Yes, even I as an Aggie, will paint for a UT fan. LOL!)
36in X 48in X 2in
No Title
A client requested a colorful painting with three of his beloved pets in it for his wife as an anniversary present.
van Gogh using my technique
another van Gogh request using my te
Fly Away
Resin on wood with Pinata color.
Walking Tree
Resin painting with Pinata color on wood.
McMillan Deer
Oil Painting with frame
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another van Gogh request using my te