Cynthia Levine, Artist

Abstract Works

My abstracts are always well received at shows and by discriminating clients. The execution of these works has required me to develop skill in guiding the subtle movements of pigments, inks and other materials as they flow within the epoxy resin in which they are carried. Maintaining a sharp separation of colors and pigments enables me to produce works with both high contrast and depth. While all of my work begins with a concept of the end result and extensive experimentation, I am more often than not pleasantly surprised at unexpected details in the flow of the colors. I name my works based on that which they bring to mind for me – weather, plants and even objects in space – but I know that given the nature of their creation those who cherish them in homes or businesses may choose to see them through their own minds eye.

All of my works are executed on sturdy hand-finished high quality wood frames. The epoxy resins utilized as a carrier for the pigments are of the same type as used on bar-tops, and will thus provide many years of durability. Given the depth of color provided by the pigments I utilize, my works are difficult to capture with photography. Please view these works and contact me if you would prefer to examine my work in person to fully appreciate their unique beauty.


About the Artist


My appreciation for color began at an early age as I watched my late father create in paint and wood as part of his many hobbies and interests. While obtaining a degree in education from Texas A&M University I realized I excelled in art – primarily sketching and painting – and went on to obtain a minor in art along with an elementary education degree. I dreamed then of focusing on art for a living, but instead began a career in teaching. Fast forward a quarter century and through the blessing of a long marriage and raising three great kids I found myself in my late 40’s finally able to fulfill my dream of producing art for the enjoyment of others. I have since worked in many mediums and have for now settled upon colorful abstracts executed in resin as my primary form of expression.

I truly enjoy meeting personally with those interested in my work and hope I can help you fulfill your quest for unique and high quality art!

2016 by Cynthia Jo Levine

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